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The Broken ‘Mom Code’ and its Effect on you and Your Baby

In the transition from newly pregnant, to new mom, to new ‘mom-friend’, we often learn a silent and almost instinctual ‘mom code’ that helps us find our people, our places, and our sanity. These unwritten rules of ‘Mom Code’ might ...
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COVID-19 and the Importance of Breastfeeding

3.25.2020 The World Health Organization (WHO) published information on caring for infants and mothers with COVID-19: infection control and breastfeeding on 13 March 2020. There is a lot of uncertainty out there these days, but Mother of Fact has your ...
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What is an IBCLC and How Can They Help Breastfeeding Moms?

Just as there are specialists in cardiology for heart problems, physical therapists for recovering from bone or muscle injuries, and dentists that focus on oral health, there are specially trained breastfeeding experts that work within healthcare. An International Board Certified ...
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How to Find Breastfeeding Help When Mom Needs it Most

How many hours did you spend perusing books and websites on pregnancy, labor, and finding the right baby name (we hear Hugo is trending)? On there are a cumulative 30,000 books that cover how to help moms adequately prepared ...

Melissa’s Story – How Breastfeeding Can be Hard?

People do well if they can. Moms do well when they are connected in information and love.  Oh yes. Before the baby is born, and the close days following the birth there is TONS of love and attention surrounding mom.  ...
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6 Ways to Make Life Easier When Feeding a Newborn

oH BaBy, feeding a newborn can test the sanity of even the most type-A mommas,  the ‘I read all the baby books’ mommas, and even the ‘I thrive in life by rolling with the punches’ mommas. No matter what type ...
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The Complete Guide to Feeding Baby Formula from a Registered Dietitian Mom

There are so many different types of baby formula out there—it can be hard to know which one is right for your baby! Whether you’re using formula as a supplement or alternative to breastfeeding, picking a formula can be challenging ...
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The Effect of Exercise on Breastmilk

Let me guess, you are one of those moms who is active during and before pregnancy and you are wondering the effects of exercise on breastmilk? Well, if you are that mom and 1. need to exercise for your sanity, ...
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