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Personalized Advice, Right When Moms Need It Most

Breathe easy knowing mamas are getting expert advice from credentialed professionals who want to help them meet pregnancy and baby-feeding goals.

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Our dietitians are credentialed healthcare professionals that provide universal maternal and infant nutrition-focused help.

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We have experience, understanding, and training in all things related to maternal nutrition, breastfeeding, formula feeding, mixed feeding, or introducing solid foods.

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We know when health and nutrition-related questions arise moms deserve personalized and evidenced based information and on-the-spot confidence.

Mama-Founded with YOU in mind


After working with countless families as a registered dietitian and becoming a mother herself, CEO and Founder Emily Sylvester found herself eager to create a messaging platform where Moms could get the trusted resources around feeding that they needed from an 'expert without the ego.'

These 'Best Feeding Friends' would become the 'BFFs' that her Moms needed at all hours to provide empowering, affordable, and unbiased support.

you deserve answers that come from

Experience, Education & a Mamas-Intuition


Credentialed & Certified

Our BFFs are credentialed to practice at the highest level of nutrition certification, which is recognized by hospitals and doctors across the U.S, as registered dietitians (RD).


Committed to Learning

In addition to their professional accolades, our BFFs are passionate about continuing to educate themselves on all the new feeding trends and regulations to make sure they're up to date with what is best for you and your baby.


Invaluable Experience

As part of our BFF promise, our experts have experience with raising kids take pride in effectively communicating and showing empathy... ’cause we know that ‘walking the walk’ helps us meet you exactly where you're at in your motherhood journey.

Better Nutrition Outcomes Means Better Patient Care

We're partnering with our local healthcare providers to provide our on-demand nutrition care that costs less than hiring a full time dietitian or breastfeeding consultant. Interested in learning more about our pilot programs? Give us a shout! We would love to hear from you.

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