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For every $1 spent on dietitian-led patient care, get $15 back

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Seamless integration into clinical practice

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80% patient engagement with dietitians on a weekly basis and no-show rates of only 10%

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Culturally sensitive learning materials lead to improved patient retention and adherence

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10x increase in nutrition-related health data enabling more informed and data-driven decisions

Discover Real-Life Success Stories


Step into our Case Study Showcase and witness firsthand the transformative power of Mother of Fact (MoF) for healthcare providers. These real-life stories illuminate the profound impact of our clinical support, empowering providers to make lasting changes in maternal and infant health.

Lindsay's Nutritional Journey

A Stress-Free Third Trimester

  • Mom Name: Lindsay
  • Mom Age: 34
  • Pregnancy Status: Third trimester
  • Background: Third pregnancy
  • Nutrition Concerns: Eating enough for a healthy pregnancy & healthy baby

Improve Patient Outcomes

Lindsay connected with Mother of Fact during the third trimester of her third pregnancy. Her biggest concern was making sure she was eating enough, since she struggled with this previously. She had a history of dropping weight rapidly postpartum, which impaired her ability to breastfeed.

With the Mother of Fact app one click away on her phone, she had a dietitian to calculate her specific needs and help her develop the best plan for her and her baby!

Save Time

Lindsay had her hands full with two small children, so saving time was precious for her!

She needed the flexibility of getting quality care when she had time, without sacrificing time with her other children. This was a huge benefit to Lindsay, who has constant support, and also a huge benefit for her healthcare provider, who didn’t have to add any workload to their busy schedule.

Earn Money

Although Lindsay did not start seeing Mother of Fact until later in her pregnancy, she will still have access to support postpartum. This is great news for Lindsay, who will need continued support during this season, plus great news for her healthcare provider who will continue to increase revenue for their facility.

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Allison's Journey to Preeclampsia Prevention

Navigating a Healthier Path

  • Mom Name: Allison
  • Mom Age: 35
  • Pregnancy Status: Second trimester
  • Background: 3rd pregnancy, two previous pregnancies with preeclampsia
  • Nutrition Concerns: Nutrition and decreasing the risk of preeclampsia

Improve Patient Outcomes

In previous pregnancies, Allison experienced gestational hypertension and preeclampsia, which she wanted to prevent in this pregnancy.

With multiple telehealth sessions with a registered dietitian throughout her pregnancy, she was able to get real-time recommendations that met her needs and answered her questions. Consistent care improved her outcomes by keeping her engaged and invested in her health.

Save Time

Allison was able to save time by having access to nutrition care at her fingertips and at her convenience. With a job and two small children, Allison didn’t have time for multiple on-site sessions throughout her pregnancy.

She saved time by being able to seek nutrition services when it was convenient for her. This saves you time by having outsourced dietitians providing reliable care throughout your patients’ pregnancy without the hassle.

Earn Money

As Allison remained engaged with her registered dietitian, they built a close relationship, keeping Allison coming back for more support. More sessions for patients means better outcomes for them, and additional earnings for you.

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J.S.'s Fertility Journey

Holistic Nutrition for Pregnancy Success

  • Mom Name: J.S.
  • Mom Age: 36
  • Pregnancy Status: Pre-pregnancy to first trimester
  • Background: History of pregnancy loss, going through fertility treatment
  • Nutrition Concerns: Nutrient deficiencies, Preeclampsia, Having a healthy pregnancy, Getting pregnant, Improving fertility

Improve Patient Outcomes

J.S. was struggling to get pregnant even after 5 rounds of IUI. She connected with Mother of Fact hoping to increase her chances of conceiving during her next round of fertility treatment.

Not only was her registered dietitian able to help her improve her fertility through nutrition and targeted supplementation, J.S. had emotional support, too. Mother of Fact strives for personal connection with their clients, which improves client engagement for the best health outcomes.

Save Time

When families are ready to start or grow their families, time is so valuable.

At Mother of Fact, we can help women improve fertility outcomes whether they are planning to conceive naturally or through assisted reproductive technology. Not only does this save the client time and money, but also saves healthcare providers time by outsourcing this very important key to improving fertility outcomes.

Earn Money

Because J.S. started nutrition services with Mother of Fact during her fertility journey, she can continue to receive nutrition services throughout her pregnancy and in postpartum. This helps reduce risks for health complications during pregnancy and postpartum for J.S. plus benefits her provider, who will receive additional earnings over an extended period of time.

Exceeding Expectations - Partnering with Mother of Fact

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"I have been working with Emily and the Mother of Fact team for a few months as we set up my organization with their product. The Mother of Fact team is professional, helpful, organized, and eager to support in any way they can. Emily comes to all of our meetings well prepared and has done everything she can to make the set up process as easy as possible for my team and myself. She is knowledgeable about healthcare systems which makes it quick and easy to identify what needs to be done and how we will do it. In addition to knowing the field well, Emily is pleasant to work with and highly efficient, often sending us meeting notes and action items immediately following our discussions. I am enjoying the relationship my health system has with Mother of Fact and look forward to our patients experiencing the same great care from this company."

Natalia H.
Associate VP Women's Health, Northern Light Health
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