Best Nutrition Care
for Mom & Baby

For women’s health clinics we offer a digital health platform that connects patients with critical access to registered dietitians.

Early Nutrition Care Can Save Lives

Conquering maternal death rates by providing appropriate nutrition care, saving you time and money.

Improved Birth Outcomes

Nutrition care saves lives. Up to 80% of maternal deaths in the US are preventable. Research shows a nutrition-first approach can save the lives of both moms and babies.

High Touch Nutrition Care

Our experienced team of registered dietitians works with patients 1:1 to provide culturally appropriate individualized care plans that meet mamas where they are at (literally!).

Saves Time. Makes Money.

Less than 1 in 4 eligible patients receive life-saving nutrition support during pregnancy. We provide the care, which saves you time. Reimbursement from insurance makes you money, earning you a profit over the cost.

Staff and Patient Satisfaction

Partnering with us results in healthier and happier moms and babies without adding to practitioner workload or taking up clinical floor space. Our evidence-based standard of care helps improve maternal health outcomes and nutrition-related health disparities. 

Mother of Fact app on mobile device

Seamless Nutrition Referrals

Mother of Fact makes accessing critical nutrition care a simple and seamless process for you and  your patients.

Partnering with us is easy! Simply complete the online request form for a provider demo and someone on our team will reach out to you with more info!

Using our HIPAA secure online portal you can seamlessly and securely refer at-risk patients for 1:1 nutrition care services and let us handle the rest!

Patients are able to easily access our HIPAA secure telehealth platform where they will be connected with a dedicated registered dietitian to provide them 24/7 culturally appropriate nutrition support and education from pre-pregnancy up through baby’s first year.

Partnering with MoF allows clinics to increase the use of existing reimbursement billing codes from Medicaid and private Insurance providers, allowing you to make a profit over cost of services provided.

Our innovative use of a digital healthcare platform to provide critical nutrition care during pregnancy and beyond will allow us to track relevant data and outcomes to help inform future standards of care.

Mother of Fact app on mobile device

Meeting Parents Where They Are

From pre-pregnancy to beyond, our team of registered dietitians provide culturally appropriate and equitable nutrition support and education that is uniquely tailored to meet the lifestyle needs of each mom, baby and family.

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We provide pre-pregnancy nutrition support to help moms-to-be navigate nutrition-related health challenges to optimize outcomes and ensure the fertility journey is as healthy as possible.

Pregnant African American woman holding her stomach

Gestational Diabetes


Our team of dietitians is experienced in high-risk nutrition care for conditions like Gestational Diabetes. We work to provide 1:1 evidence-based care to ensure the best outcomes for both moms and babies.


Maternal Weight


We partner with expecting moms to provide nutrition care grounded in compassion and backed by science. We help women maintain a healthy weight using behavior changes, resulting in life-long benefits.


& Beyond...


Our team has the specialized skills to provide nutrition care for moms, babies, and families as they navigate their unique nutrition-related challenges from fertility, gestational diabetes, pregnancy weight gain, infant feeding and more.

Trusted by Womens Health Clinics Nationwide

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"Nutrition is not at all integrated into the health care system in the United States. Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) should be the first line of treatment for chronic conditions getting in the way of healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. I partnered with Mother of Fact to implement a new paradigm in fertility diagnostics and non-invasive treatments in which MNT is a core part of patient support. Without a doubt we will see healthier prenatal and neonatal outcomes."

- Alice C.

CEO of Healthy Mamas Healthy Babies
Pregnant African American woman looking at tablet

"Access to nutrition information and support is an important part of a healthy pregnancy. We're grateful to partner with Mother of Fact to offer our pregnant patients easy access to a nutritionist from the comfort of their own home. We know this partnership will go a long way toward creating healthier outcomes for moms and babies in some of LA's most underserved communities."

- Stacy W.

Claris Health Community Engagement Director

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