Best Nutrition Care
for Mom & Baby

For women’s health clinics we offer a digital health platform that connects patients with critical access to registered dietitians.

Early Nutrition Help Can Save Lives & Improve Maternal Mental Health

Unbiased nutrition advice that is culturally appropriate and fits families' modern lifestyles.


When health-related issues arise in pregnancy, a nutrition-first approach saves mom and babies' lives. Our experienced and certified registered dietitians provide tailored nutrition care plans that meets mamas where they are at (literally and figuratively!).


Like learning to ride a bike, breastfeeding takes practice and guidance. We are here to be mamas personal expert and daily cheerleader -from preparing to feed through the long days (and nights) of baby feeding.


We help families navigate everything from deciding when to start, what bottles to choose from, and how to offer a bottle safely.


The accessory that looks like a spaceship and sounds like a vacuum doesn’t have to be scary. We are an all-in-one breast pump bestie as pregnant people and new mamas navigate choices and when/how to use one with sanity.


We help navigate the information overwhelm, increase confidence, and avoid the bullsh*t bias when it comes to formula choices, or working through medical needs for supplementation.

Your 5 Star Dietitian Team

Our Registered Dietitians are here to provide maternal care providers with trusted patient-focused nutrition therapy care plans and counseling. 

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Experts in gestational diabetes, prenatal & pediatric nutrition; lactation & baby feeding.

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Credentialed to give pre- & postnatal care providers service enhancing data that also improves bottom line.

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Half the cost of traditional nutriton hiring & half the ObGyn/practitioner work-load.

Meeting Parents Wherever They are in the Journey

No matter what phase of motherhood, our trained and certified virtual teams provide advice that's tailored to each family, the baby, and their lifestyle.

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Easy prenatal nutrition guidance because both you and baby deserve a healthy pregnancy and baby feeding journey - even if challenges like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia pop up.


The First Days


Easy breastfeeding the first days – feeding baby in the hospital and when you get home are 2 different ball (or boobie) games. Go home with someone on your team for confident feeding, less nipple pain, working on a great milk supply.

holding baby in arms

Growth Spurts


Transitioning to bottle feeding, feeding through growth spurts, transitioning to a workin’ mama. We got your back -and boobies!


& Beyond...


Easy introduction of solid foods, time saving feeding tips, making fun feeding memories while creating a healthy eater for life. We even set you up for feeding after the big 1 birthday!

Mother of Fact App Screens

Always in Your Back Pocket

The Mother of Fact app brings peace in moments of chaos. It's the mom-friend we've always wanted to have that responds during the toughest moments.

From our lips to mama's fingertips - all the mom power info we send is ONLY based on what is best for mom and baby, pure expert experience, and science. Our on-demand appointment platform allows for 3x faster connection to a registered dietitian who stays with mama through the entire journey.

Pregnancy & baby feeding are not 9-5 and neither are we. We have a wildly different way for all mamas to feel confident in nourishing themselves and their baby with down-to-earth guidance from credentialed baby feeding experts.

Mr. Google can be far from a trusted friend or expert on YOU and we know that 1 out of 2 moms receives conflicting messages on feeding. Our moms are receiving expert guidance all the way from ‘WTF just happened’ to ‘I did it!’.

Odds are moms are going to need it, and at odd hours. Yup, personalized info and badass nutrition confidence is at mama's fingertips 24/7. Our proprietary care plans and easy nutrition tracking systems help moms and their providers feel confident in every nutrition journey.

Mother of Fact App Screens

don't take our word for it...

See What Our Mamas are Saying


I’m not a first time mom and I have a background in lactation and working with newborns/infants, but I still have questions and need support! NurtureTalk has been invaluable to help reduce my anxiety and walk me through questions I have about my newest baby. I want evidenced based info, not anecdotal. NT still gives me the option to get immediate feedback!

- Brittany (MA)

WIfe & Mom of 2

As a first time mom, having 2-way texting support gave me both the guidance and confidence boost I needed in order to shift my breastfeeding journey into a positive and successful one.  It made such a huge impact, I would recommend this service to anyone struggling like I was. 10/10!

- Kelly (NH)

First Time Mom

Getting answers to breastfeeding questions in real time via text message has been immensely helpful to my breastfeeding journey. I have been able to get thorough input on my specific situation rather than wading through lots of conflicting answers online. I also was able to reach out and receive help right as I was sitting down and nursing my baby, rather than waiting for a call back from my hospital’s IBCLC. There isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to breastfeeding issues, so having the personalized support has been so reassuring.

- Ashley (MA)

Mom of 3

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